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Since it's hard to find a good web-site host and even more difficult to actually maintain a site, I decided to open this journal to post all my lyric romanizations.


All the lyrics here are copyrighted by their respective artists. I only transliterate them. So, basically, the lyrics are owned by the artists and the transliterations belong to me. Simple enough, ne? Can you tell that I hate making disclaimers?


I work hard on all the lyrics I put up here. I thoroughly double-check them for errors and generally spend a lot of time to make sure they're perfect. So, I don't want people just stealing them off me. However, that doesn't mean that I won't let anyone else use them on their home pages, there are just a few rules when it comes to using my romaji lyrics. (The random english lyrics (from Japanese bands like ELLEGARDEN, FAKE?, etc.) don't have to be credited if they're entirely in english... because the most I did was type them up. They belong to the artists and no one else. But if there's even one line of romaji, my name should come up, ok? ^_^)

1. You give me full credit for the transliteration (obviously)
2. You e-mail me with the URL of the site you posted it on, just so I can ensure that rule #1 has been followed

I know it's annoying, but I'd really appreciate if everyone had the courtesy to do this for me, because I'll freak out if I find my work improperly credited on another page. Thank you for your co-operation.


I am currently taking requests! So if you wish to request a song to be romanized, either e-mail me with the song title and artist at the very least or use the Lyric Request Form. I have no issue with making multiple requests, but if you use the Lyric Request Form, please submit a each request separately. If you have a scan of the kana lyrics or have a link to a site with them, include that, but I have my sources, so I can usually work around it. Also, if you have the mp3 for the song, please send that too, since I like to double check my work.

One more thing, I really didn't expect this to come up as an issue, but PLEASE do not request unreleased songs. There's no way I can post a perfectly accurate romanization to unreleased songs, because the lyrics are generally not out yet. This isn't a site for transcriptions, just romanizations. I'd be more than happy to romanize them once they are released, so feel free to send your request then.


All romanizations are done by pink_endlicheri. Find out more about me at my personal journal.
10-feet, 175r, 20th century, 36481?, acidman, aiko, aim, aiuchi rina, amuro namie, arashi, b'z, b-dash, beat crusaders, bennie k, boa, boystyle, buck-tick, bump of chicken, chage and aska, chemistry, coming century, cool joke, core of soul, crystal kay, d-51, dir en grey, do as infinity, domoto koichi, domoto tsuyoshi, dragon ash, dreams come true, due'le quartz, ellegarden, every little thing, exile, fake?, flow, fujii takashi, fujiki naohito, fujimoto miki, fukuyama masaharu, gackt, garnet crow, gazette, glay, gospellers, goto maki, hakuei, hamasaki ayumi, hanawa, hide, hikaru genji, hirahara ayaka, hirai ken, hiro, hitomi, hitoto you, home made kazoku, hotei tomoyasu, hy, hyde, iceman, imai tsubasa, inaba koshi, inoran, janne da arc, kamenashi kazuya, kanjani8, kat-tun, ketsumeishi, kick the can crew, kinki kids, kirito, kitade nana, kiyoharu, kobukuro, kondo masahiko, kouda kumi, kra, kuzu, l'arc-en-ciel, liv, luna sea, manzo, matsuura aya, merenge, merry, mitsunaga ryouta, miyamoto shunichi, miyavi, moriyama naotarou, mr. children, nakashima mika, nana, news, nobodyknows+, nochiuranatsumi, oblivion dust, onitsuka chihiro, ootsuka ai, orange range, otokogumi, penicillin, pierrot, plastic tree, porno graffiti, psycho le cemu, rag fair, raphael, remioromen, rip slyme, road of major, shibugakitai, shiina ringo, shimatani hitomi, shounentai, smap, sonim, sophia, southern all stars, speed, spitz, suga shikao, sukima switch, tackey & tsubasa, takizawa hideaki, takui, tamaki nami, the back horn, the inazuma sentai, the mad capsule markets, tokio, tokyo jihen, tommy heavenly6, toraji haiji, tourbillon, tsubaki, ueto aya, under graph, utada hikaru, uverworld, v6, w-inds, wada kouji, wat, x-japan, yaida hitomi, yamashita tomohisa, yellow generation, yunna

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